Homes in different climates

This term in our topic we have benn learning about homes. First we looked at homes in our local area, Wigan. After that we looked at how homes are different all around the world. We compared homes in hot and cold climates. Today we became designers, we used our knowledge of homes in different climates to design a house in a hot or cold climate. Then we presented our work to the class.


Deciduous and evergreen trees

In science Year One have been learning about plants. Today we went into the wildlife area to investigate and find out if there are more evergreen or deciduous trees in our area. We went outside and searched for different types of trees and recorded our findings. We found out that there are more deciduous trees in the wildlife area. It was lots of fun!


Problem solving

Today in maths Year 1 have been problem solving. We had to find out all the different possible combinations of green and red cubes in a bag. We worked in partners and used drawings to work out answer. We found out there were lots of different answers! Super investigating Year 1!


Fiction and nonfiction books

This week Year 1 have been looking at fiction and nonfiction books. Today we looked at a selection of fiction and nonfiction books and compared them. We found out that nonfiction books have lots of facts, usually photographs, contents pages and a glossary. Fiction books are made up stories and have pictures drawn by an illustrator.