Comparing weight

This week in Year One we have been comparing and describing weight. We worked in groups to find the heaviest item in the classroom and the lightest item in the classroom. First we estimated then we used the scales to compare the weight.


The Good Samaritan Drama

Last thing yesterday was a theatrical experience for us in year 1, as we acted out the story of the Good Samaritan. It provided us with some talking points about how we should treat others as well as what we should think about others. We had some fantastic performances and everyone had a smile on their face.IMG_0491

British Values Day

We have had a wonderful British Values Day today talking about what it means to be British. We have been celebrating British music, learning the history of the Beatles and performing the their song yellow submarine. We have also been learning all about where they were from, our local city of Liverpool. Which is in time for our school trip to Liverpool next week. Now we know what to look out for.  Following this we went outside for golden time, sharing a picnic and some games with our year 5 buddies. The day ended on a high when all of our family and friends came  to see us perform our favourite British songs.


Woodfield Mathlympics 2018

Today was the first Woodfield Mathlympics event. The day started with the whole school Master Multiplier event, which the children had been practising their times tables for. The master multipliers gallantly stepped up the mark to show off their impressive multiplication skills.  The Year one champion who showed a stunning display of her skills was Ines, who is seen here showing off her medal. During the rest of the day the children used their mathematical knowledge to overcome  tasks and challenges, scoring important points for their teams. The day ended on a high with the closing ceremony announcing the Tigers as the Mathlympic champions 2018.