Stop frame animation

Today in computing Year 1 used the ‘stop motion’ app on the iPads to make their own stop frame animation. We had to move the toy vehicle a small amount each time and take photos, when we pressed play it looked like the vehicles were moving.


Come fly with me…

As part of our topic this half term ‘Planes, Trains and Automobiles’ we visited Manchester Airport. We had an amazing day! First we went on a plane and we pretended to be pilots and cabin crew. Then we went outside and saw lots of planes taking off and landing on the runway, there was a double decker plane that could carry 600 passengers! After that we saw Concorde, we found out that Concorde is so fast that it could get to school from Manchester Airport in just 23 seconds. Finally we had our lunch and came home. A wonderful day! What was your favourite part of the day? Why was this your favourite part?


Naughty Bus

This week in English we have been reading ‘Naughty Bus’. On Thursday the Naughty Bus visited Woodfield School. He was very naughty and even got stuck in the sandpit! We made our own story about the Naughty Bus and his visit to our school. Where do you think the Naughty Bus might appear next?


Counting in twos, fives and tens

This week in Year 1 we are practising multiplication and division. Today we sorted numbers into multiples of two, five and ten. We found out that some numbers can be in more than one times tables. Which group had the most numbers in? Which group had the least numbers in? Can you explain why?




Year 1 have been practising their rugby skills with Animalates. Today we practised running on our tiptoes and pumping our arms to help us run faster, then we practised holding a rugby ball. We can’t wait to practise our skills some more next week!



Last week reception and Year 1’s ducklings started to hatch. We have three ducklings and they are spending the week in Year 1 classroom. We really enjoyed watching them exercise today, they seemed very happy playing in the water!