Place value

Today we have been learning about place value. We worked in partners, one of us made a number between 0 and 40 using the number fan. Our partner had to make the number using the tens and ones counters.


Mystery numbers

Miss Kelsall had hidden three mystery numbers in a bag. Year 1 were given three clues to work out all the possible numbers that could be hidden in the bag. Year 1 worked in pairs to investigate. Super work Year 1!



Today Year 1 were very lucky to have an extra PE session with Animalates. We practised different ways of travelling and travelling at different speeds. We really enjoyed all the different games, it was lots of fun!


Naming dinosaurs

Our new topic this half term is ‘Dinosaurs’. Today we we’re finding out the names of some dinosaurs. Miss Kelsall had printed some pictures and information about different dinosaurs but unfortunately the names of the dinosaurs had accidentally been cut off and mixed up. Year 1 had to match the pictures and information to the names of the dinosaurs.


Let’s find out and film

This half term our computing topic is ‘let’s find out and film’. Today we investigated the best way to find out information about dinosaurs. Year 1 took turns using books or the internet to find facts about dinosaurs. We found out lots of exciting information about different types of dinosaurs and decided that both the internet and books were really helpful to find out information.

Year 1 discussed E-safety before using the internet. We talked about staying safe online and reporting to a trusted adult.


On Christmas Day…

This week Year 1 are writing a recount all about their Christmas Day.  Today we split into pairs to talk what we did on Christmas Day. We started our sentences with time connectives such as ‘first’, ‘then’, ‘after that’ and ‘finally’. We also tried to use lots of adjectives in our recounts. I really enjoyed hearing all about your Christmas Days Year 1!