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Are computer games good or bad for you?

In parliament week, Y3 had fun debating whether computer games were good for them.  First they generated ideas by writing one idea on a piece of paper.  Then they screwed it up and threw snowballs around the room.  They picked a different one up, read it, then wrote another idea.  Once they had 4 ideas on each piece of paper they shared and discussed them.  We were very impressed with the balanced argument they put forward.  At the end they voted for or against.  The majority of people said that they were good for you, as long as you don’t play them all of the time.  Very impressive Year 3!


Transparent, translucent or opaque?

Y3 have been classifying objects into transparent, translucent and opaque by shining a torch at them and looking at the shadow.  Transparent objects cast no shadow, translucent cast a light shadow and opaque cast a dark shadow.  We can neither confirm or deny that we may have had fun making shadows with the torches too, it was far too dark to tell!



We have been researching festivals of light in our RE lessons.  During the Hindu festival of Diwali, we moulded and painted diva lamps.  These represent the triumph of good over evil and are symbolic in the story of Rama and Sita as they are used to light their way back home.


Magnetic challenge

The children were set a challenge to move a ping pong ball from one end of the pipe to the other without touching it.  They had to use what they had learnt about magnets to do this.  Some groups attached a magnetic material to the ping pong ball, others used the repelling action of the same poles being together to move it.  Very impressive Year 3!